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Welcome to the website of the Old Kentucky Hams Amateur Radio Group.

Following World War II, a group of Kentucky veteran hams were anxious to get home and get their rigs back on the air and find out how each other fared during the war.  The tales were often too lengthy to tell on the air so it was decided to have a meeting at Mammoth Cave for a real “eyeball” and “rag-chew”.  Neal McGown, Johnny Gerard, Hansford Scott, and Alex Carter got together and organized the first meeting, and what is now “The Old Kentucky Hams” was born.  About 60 to 70 attended the first meeting.  They arrived on Saturday before the first Sunday in June of 1946.  They had dinner in the dining room of the old hotel (now razed) and then retired to the screened-in porch of the old hotel to continue their rag-chewing, eyeballing with rocking chair copy into the wee hours of the morning and of course "spring water” was consumed to keep throats wet and spirits high. The festivities of Saturday night were followed by a picnic on Sunday in the picnic area behind where the new hotel is presently located. Read more on our History page.

In recent times, the Old Kentucky Hams group meets twice each year - the first Saturday in June at the hotel restaurant Mammoth Cave and the last Saturday in January at Rafferty's restaurant in Bowling Green.  All interested hams are welcome to attend meetings and become a member.

Several of the Old Kentucky Ham members meet Monday through Friday mornings at the Greenwood Mall in the food court at 9 a.m.  All those interested are welcome!!!


Area Hamfests and Events

Please contact mhext@outlook.com if you would like to list an event or hamfest here.


February 2, 2020

2 pm local time at Woodmen Life Building
519 Morgantown Road, Bowling Green, KY

Contact: Henry Cantrell W4HTB 270.793.2822 or w4htb@ieee.org


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